The Guitar Duo Gipsy Rock Project


It all started when the flamenco guitarrist Merlin and the rock and metal guitarrist Michal met one another in Cologne, in 2005. They founded the Guitar Duo called the Gipsy Rock Project.

At the beginning of the cooperation they were both looking for possibilities to join both styles. After a short period of time, it became clear, that both styles and techniques were not so difficult to combine and they even show some similarities.

During the first years, the Guitar Duo was playing frequently unplugged in Cologne’s pubs. This was the place, where the sound intensity of the pubs let them develop their own style- Gipsy Rock.

In 2006 both guitarist travelled together to Andalusia, to visit the flamenco metropoles-Seville and Granada, so as to get their hands on some new instruments and to see the style of playing of the local musicians. The Guitar Duo were also playing concerts with the Flamenco and Jazz musicians. Until today the Gipsy Rock Project is loyal to its place of birth – the musician metropolis Cologne.

Their music is influenced by Flamenco, Heavy Metal, Classic and Latin jazz. They play their own compositions, as well as, the interpretations of the genre.

Since the beginning they have played numerous concerts at exhibitions, private festivals and weddings. Ever since they are connected with a long standing friendship and musical cooperation.